Workshops deepening contact with a person after mental crisis

The workshops are conducted by the Educators of the eFkropka Foundation, i.e. people with experience of a mental crisis who have developed a professional way of telling about their experience. During the 3-hour workshop Educators share their personal knowledge, talk about specific personal difficulties and illness experiences, thus demonstrating empowerment and at the same time overworking the disease. At the same time, they combine biomedical knowledge with giving the disease meaning and place in an individual life narrative. They also show how to talk about mental difficulties while respecting the dignity of a suffering person.

Educators represent numerous mental illnesses, including anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia.

The workshops have an interactive form, provide time for questions and discussions. Educators are happy to answer any questions, taking away nimbus of secrecy and stigmatization from the symptoms of the disease and the persons with mental illnesses.

One of the values ​​of the eFkropka Foundation’s workshop is the effect of increased sensitivity and tolerance for mentally ill people, which persists for many months after the meeting.

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Wykonanie : Tomasz Bednarek

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